New Years Lock-In!

Come hang out and ring in the New Year!

Tuesday December 31 from 9pm til Wednesday January 1st at 8am.

For the last 19 years we’ve locked the park up each month and let the crew run loose from dusk til dawn.

We’re open Monday from 12noon til 9pm, anyone coming to the Lock-in is welcome to check in anytime during the session and get things started early. The lock-in officially starts at 9pm.

Jeff G takes control of the dodgeballs and keeps everyone entertained with tales of his punkrock glory days (and maybe some riding inbetween).

Plenty of fun things to do:
– Watch Movies
– Skate
– Scooter
– Quad
– Ask Jeff G how old he is
– Enter Contests
– Film
– Eat Candy
– Raffles

Sign up at the door! $25 members, $30 non-members.

Call the park for more info 414-933-7275

Dec. Beginner’s Only Sessions

Every Saturday in December, 10am-12noon

New! Get to know the park and session with only beginners.

We’re opening early every Saturday this month to allow beginner riders to truly have the place to themselves. Build your confidence up for winter park riding and maybe meet some new buddies along the way.

Skate, Scoot, BMX, Quad, Inline — ALL BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME

Beginner Sessions
– 10am til 12noon
– Saturday December 7th
– Saturday December 14th
– Saturday December 21st
– Saturday December 28th
–$15 at the door, all are welcome to stay for the 12noon-9pm session.

Call the park for more info 414-933-7275

Ladies Sesh Friday November 15th

Ladies Skate Scoot Bike or Blade Night November
Ladies Skate Scoot Bike or Blade Night November

Friday November 15th the girls takeover!

$10 gets you access to the best ladies sesh of the month. Free rental skateboards for anyone trying to learn! Come get inspired.

7-11pm, last 2 hours will be girls only.

Andre Coblert and Chaz Ortiz Hit Chicago with Zoo York!

Check out Chaz’s newest Edit with a bunch of other Zoo York Homies in the mix, including 4seasons own Andre Colbert!

Peep it now!

I’ve always wanted to visit Chicago but never had the means or a reason to do so. Fortunately, I’m boys with Chaz and he’s been talking about putting together a Chicago-only part. After some text messages back and forth, I find myself at O’Hare airport a few days later on a warm Saturday morning and Chaz is picking me up in his new truck blasting Lil Pump. Next thing I know, about a week has passed and my sleepless self is at the airport heading back to New York with a hard drive full of footage from him and a few Zoo York dudes that had also come into town to make this edit happen. Time really flies when you’re having fun.–Tom Gorelik